Shhhhh we don’t say that word around here it’s always sunny in Hawaii Right?

It’s a less than 90% chance of rain at the location we will wait till just before session to see if it’s actually raining. If it’s a 100% chance of rain I still wait till 2-3 hours before the session before calling it off. I have had MANY MANY times that we have called off the session at Noon and then at 5-6pm it was gorgeous on the beach and raining inland. If it does happen to be raining during your session we will figure out the next best time for both of our schedules before you leave to go home. That may mean getting up at sunrise (I know that is usually VERY early but it’s gorgeous & cooler than sunset).

If for some reason we can not reschedule during this visit your session fee is transferable to another date within a year of our original date scheduled.