After your session the images will be color corrected, brightness adjusted & have editing. If you have a scratch or “boo boo” on your face I will try to edit that on the close ups.

I will NOT photoshop your hair in every photo to make it look like you’re not on the beach…There is wind and I’ll try to position you in the best possible way to avoid crazy hair. I will not make your tan lines disappear, if you know you are having photos made pick out a shirt that doesn’t show them OR wear a different bathing suit.

BUT if you order a photo from me to be printed I WILL tweak it for you. If you want smoother skin, to shave off a FEW inches, erase a few fly-aways I CAN AND WILL DO THAT but there is an additional charge PER photo to do additional editing. The cost will all depend on what you would like done & to how many images. If you are interested in additional editing send me an email with lots of details & I will let you know the cost of editing before the work is done.

Just remember to let me know before you put in your order!